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Language courses are part of our recruitment process.

Due to our staffing and recruitment policy we are interested in long term collaboration with our employees and our clients.

Therefore our Candidates must have language skills necessary for the proper fulfilment of their tasks and duties at the workplace.

The program and vocabulary of the courses are adapted to the type of work performed by the Candidates.

We are providing language courses exclusively for our Candidates, who have been selected in the recruitment phase and got a job offer from us.

Languages courses:

Groups of 12 participants.

Our course improves your communication skills for work and everyday situations, including speaking, listening, reading and writing.

What you will learn?


Build your confidence in written and spoken.


Improve your all round communication skills.



Advance and practice your reading, writing, listening and speaking through individual and group activities.



All language courses are conducted at our Educational Center located in the Hotel Accademia in the Old Town of Przemysl, in south-eastern Poland.

Przemysl, the second-oldest city in southern Poland, appears to date from as early as the 8th  century. Due to long and rich history of the city, there are many historic buildings and museums.

Why to learn foreign language?


Foreign Language study creates more positive attitudes and less prejudice toward people who are different.



Professional skills plus foreign language skills make an employee more valuable in the marketplace.



Knowledge of foreign language allow you to establish deep connections and cross-cultural friendships.



The study of foreign languages teaches and encourages respect for other peoples: it fosters an understanding of the interrelation of language and human nature.



Foreign languages expand one’s world view and limit the barriers between people: barriers cause distrust and fear.



One participates more effectively and responsibly in a multi-cultural world if one knows another language.



We guarantee a job!


Once you’ve held your very first conversation in
a foreign language, trust us: you’ll never look back!

Apply for a JOB!